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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Testing Web Service with SendMaster utility

It was in version 9.1 in which first I tried creating a Web Service to GET and POST the data. This was fairly an easy job coz in 9.1 we have delivered SOAP tester. We can use it right after Generating the SOAP template, which is under the Service Utilities.

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However while trying to help a colleague I found that in 9.0 the Invoke Service Operation button is not available and we brought up the Send Master Utility.

Now I want to write about how to test a WSDL in Send Master. See the screenshot below.

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The Service URL: It is the gateway URL.
In the Header box if it is not populating by itself; you have to type it out. But be sure that the SOAP action is correct. How to get that?

For getting the SOAP action, hit the wsdl on the browser and search for the soapAction.

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