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Saturday, August 27, 2011

PeopleSoft Ping

Just another good weekend. Expected some more work today, however it did not happen. Then I thought of just playing around the instance and saw this utility. Never seen or heard before. However it seemed interesting and gave a search in PeopleBooks. The details are given below. Hope this might be a new information for you too. For those who have worked with this utility; please feel free to comment.

The PeopleSoft Ping utility collects timestamps by sending a specific page to different tiers of the PeopleSoft system, starting at the browser, then going to the web server, the application server, the database and back. The timestamps that are collected are total time elapsed for the round trip, and arrival and departure time at each of the tiers.

To use the PeopleSoft Ping feature, select PeopleTools, Utilities, PeopleSoft Ping.

Nice weekend!

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