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Monday, October 5, 2009

Some tips and Tricks

  • Inserting Objects in to Project Automatically

Developer needs to include all his objects when they modified and saved into the project.Method:
The following method shows you how to insert an object automatically into a project when you modified and saved or deleted.

1. Open Application Designer.
2. Click on Tools - > Options
3. Under Insert Definition into Project, select ‘When definition is modified ….’ Option.
4. Under Related Definitions options, select ‘Prompt user to pick ….’ Option.
5. Click OK.

1. Where do you do the development in PeopleSoft ?.
A. Using Application Designer.2. How do you trace in PeopleSoft ?.
A. When you go to 3-tier login screen you will see a link for Trace, there you will specify the trace settings.

3. How do you run an SQR in PeopleSoft ?.
A. You can run in 2 ways
i) On client side using SQRWIN.exe
ii) On Server using Process Scheduler (Process Scheduler is also called as Batch Server).

4. How do you run an online job or process in PeopleSoft ?.
A. You can run using a Run Control page, once you click the run button it will submit the job to Process Scheduler. to check the status of submitted job click on Process Monitor link.

5. How do you check the process status in peoplesoft ?.
A. go to PeopleTools -> Process Scheduler -> Process Monitor.

6. How do you design a query in PeopleSoft ?.
A. Can be designed in 2 ways

i) Open App Designer then PeopleTools - > Query
ii) Login into 3-tier then go to Reporting Tools -> Query -> Query Manager.

7. What do you need to do to see a table in query designer ?.
A. Table needs to be added to a Tree to see the table.

8. How do you convert Panels to Pages ?.
A. Add all the Panels to a project and login to 3-tier (web) and go to PeopleTools -> Utilities -> Administration -> Convert Panels to Pages.

9. What are Translate values ?.
A. Transalate values will be assigned to fields where you will have a common 3 character values for example Federal ID filed could have values like SSN , TIN .

10. What is a Prompt Table ?.
A. Prompt table is used to prompt the valid values for a specific filed on a page. Prompt table can be a view or a table.

11. What are the major section in an SQR ?.
A. The main section is Begin-Program and End-Program, Begin-Procedure and End-Procedure.

12. How do you write a SQL statement in an SQR ?.
A. for select BEGIN-SELECT and END-SELECT for other BEGIN-SQL and END-SQL.

13. How do you debug an SQR program ?.
A. By putting Display and Show statements in the program and then check the out put file or use debug statement.

14. What output extension does the SQR will have if you run it from a client ?.
A. It can be .spf or .lis based on the SQR flag set.

15. What kind of out put you can get when you run from web (3-tier) ?.
A. It can be PDF, HTML, e-mail , LIS etc..

16. What is report repository ?.
A. Once the process scheduler finishes processing it will post the out put files to Report repository.

17. What is Report Manager ?.
A. Report manager can be used to see the reports in the report repository.

18. How do you see the newly created Component in the 3-tier menu.
A. You need to register the component by using Application Designer.

  • Changing Access ID and Access Password

If you need to change the both Access Id and Access Password follow the following steps.UPDATE PSSTATUS SET OWNERID = 'ACCESSID'
This AccessID should have dbo access when it created on database server.

Note: No need to encrypt this, when you open the application designer first time, it will automatically encrypt and update the PSACCESSPRFL table.

If you need to change the access password, change the password for that user at the database level and open Application Designer then go to Miscellaneous Definitions - > Access Profiles.

You can change the access ID from Application Designer too

  • Query result set too large, (124,87). Result of (SQL Fetch) is over the maximum result size specified for the application server

One of the users reported that she was getting the above error when she runs a private query.

I found out that this query is bringing back around 100,000 rows back and which is taking a lot of memory and the size.

To overcome the issue I asked her to adjust the query to bring the less no of rows, but unfortunately she wants to have all those rows.

The only solution for this is to increase the fetch size on PSQRYSRV and/or PSAPPSRV.

PeopleSoft Queries that are run through the web through the 'Run' option have the ability to utilize the PSQRYSRV if it's been configured and started. PeopleSoft Queries that are run from the 'Preview' tab (8.4x onwards) can only use the PSAPPSRV.  If users need to run the long running queries from the Preview tab, the PSAPPSRV max fetch size will need to be increased, for an unlimited size set this value to 0 (Zero).


Max Fetch Size = change it to a higher number


  • Max Fetch Size = change it to a higher number


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