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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Interview Questions

PeopleSoft Interview Questions

1. The main attributes of a Component Interface (CI) are?
Keys, Properties & Collections, Methods and Name

2. Which one of the following are standard properties when a Component Interface (CI) is created?

3. With reference to the Component Interface Tester which of the following is NOT TRUE?
GetExisting option is equivalent to opening a record in Update/Display Mode only

4. Which of the following are TRUE when a Component Interface (CI) is created on component that has Add action enabled?
Get keys, Create keys and Find keys gets created automatically. The Create method is created along with the other Standard methods for the CI

5. Which of the following can be mapped as Find Keys for a Component Interface ?
A OR b

6. Which of the following is NOT TRUE in Component Interface (CI) Architecture?
A component interface can be mapped to multiple PeopleSoft components

7. The following are various steps that describes the peoplecode logic while implementing a Component Interface?
1. Establish a user session
2. Get the Component Interface
3. Populate the Create Keys
4. Create an Instance of the CI
5. Populate the required fields
6. Save the CI

8. Will Tuxedo continue to be used in a PeopleSoft/WebSphere or PeopleSoft/WebLogic environment?
Yes. WebSphere or WebLogic are used as the HTTP server and servlet engine. They are not used as middleware with the PeopleSoft Application Server. Tuxedo is always used with PIA, regardless of the HTTP server or Java servlet engine.

9. Can a PeopleTools 8.4 and a PeopleTools 8.1x database run on the same machine?
Yes, databases can co-exist on the same physical machine. In most cases, the databases themselves can exist within the same RDBMS, however, it is important to verify that the database version required by PeopleTools 8.4 is the same as for the current PeopleTools 8.1x implementation.

10. Can a PeopleTools 8.4 and a PeopleTools 8.1xapplication server run on the same machine?
Yes, both PeopleTools 8.4 and PeopleTools 8.1x application servers can run on a single machine. It is important to ensure that there are no port clashes between the installations.

11. How does the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal work with 8.1x and 8.4 applications?
There are several scenarios that may exist when customers use the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal with a mixture of 8.1x and 8.4 applications. Specific information on the use of the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal in a blended environment will be available in a forthcoming white paper, which will be available on Customer Connection. In general, the recommendation is to use the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 8.4with 8.1x and 8.4 applications, rather than an older version.

12. For the servlet layer on the web server, what version of the Java Servlet API are the PIA Java Servlets coded to with PeopleTools 8.4?
The PIA Java servlets in PeopleTools 8.4 are coded to JavaSoft's Java Servlet API 2.0 and are fully compatible with Servlet API 2.2. It should be noted that the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture is supported only on the BEA WebLogic and WebSphere servlet engines.

13. IBM How should Web Application Servers be used with PeopleTools 8.1x and PeopleTools 8.4?
The PeopleSoft Internet Architecture uses a web application server and an HTTP server. PeopleTools 8.12 and above include both BEA WebLogic and Apache with Jserv. With PeopleTools 8.4, both BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere are bundled. Apache with Jserv is no longer a supported web application server combination. Customers can choose which web application server to run during installation time. In a mixed PeopleTools 8.1x and 8.4 environment, each PeopleTools installation should have their own chain of web application server and application server, PeopleSoft Proprietary and Confidential Page 5and these can be on the same machine. For example, a PeopleTools 8.1xinstallation using Apache and Jserv could reside on the same machine as a PeopleTools 8.4 installation using IBM WebSphere. Care should be taken to ensure that unique port numbers are assigned to each server chain.

14. Why did PeopleSoft bundle IBM WebSphere Advanced Single Server Edition rather than Advanced Edition?
The Advanced Single Server Edition (AEs) of WebSphere provides the same core J2EE and Web Services programming model as the Advanced Edition (AE) with simplified administration. In the AE version WebSphere uses DB2 or other standard database to keep the configuration and runtime information to support very large farm of WebSphere servers. However, it is one more database to install, administer and maintain. The AEs version does not use the database and uses file based configuration in a way that is similar to BEA WebLogic. PeopleSoft and IBM WebSphere architects determined that AEs version would satisfy the deployment requirements of PeopleSoft customers and would make it easy for owning and administering PeopleSoft Applications based on WebSphere.

15. Will the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture, now that it embeds BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere, work with my other corporate web servers and tools?
One of the core values of the PeopleTools development group is investment protection. The time, money and resources that you may have already invested in licensing another web server, training developers and administrators, building and deploying other web applications will not be compromised by this decision. How is this accomplished

16. Is BEA WebLogic the same thing as the web server that was previously on the Tuxedo CD?
No. The web server that was delivered on the Tuxedo CD has absolutely nothing to do with WebLogic. WebLogic is a web application server that is designed for large-scale production websites. The HTTP server on the Tuxedo CD was only there to provide a mechanism for launching the graphical Tuxedo administration console if the Tuxedo administrator didn't already have a web server in place. It was never intended for large-scale, production website use — only for a system administrator or two.

17. Are disconnected mobile applications supported in PeopleTools 8.1x?
No. The PeopleSoft Mobile Agent architecture, which is used to support disconnected mobile applications, is only available in PeopleTools 8.4. The PeopleSoft Mobile Agent is dependent upon certain core technologies that were specifically developed for PeopleTools 8.4.

18. Is WebSphere certified on PeopleTools 8.1x?
No. IBM WebSphere is certified on PeopleTools 8.4 only. Customer wishing to use IBM WebSphere with PeopleTools 8.1x may take advantage of an IBM WebSphere for early adopters program, created and managed by IBM. Further information about this program can be found in the whitepaper The IBM WebSphere 8.1x Early Adopter Program. Are there additional license requirements for IBM WebSphere

19. Are there advantages or disadvantages to using BEA WebLogic over IBM WebSphere or vice versa?
No. Both products are certified with PIA as of version 8.4 and work equally well. By offering both BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere, we give our customers more choices and flexibility to run PeopleSoft in their preferred environment.

20. Is web server load balancing supported with PeopleTools 8.4?
Customers can set up clusters of BEA WebLogic or IBM WebSphere servers to do web server load balancing. In such scenarios, if an instance is down, requests are automatically routed to another instance. For more information on high availability and clustering with WebLogic, WebSphere and other web servers.

21. Both BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere have the ability to plug into many different web servers. Does PeopleSoft support the web servers that they plug into?
BEA and IBM provide plug-ins for many of the leading web servers. This allows the customer to use their own HTTP web server and WebLogic's or WebSphere's Java servlet engine. PeopleSoft uses this plug-in capability to support IIS. We have no reason to believe that there will be any issues with other web servers that WebLogic or WebSphere are able to work with through their plug-in architecture, but PeopleSoft GSC will not support these other web servers with PeopleTools 8.4

22. Does Application Messaging work between 8.1xand 8.4 applications?
Application Messaging is used by PeopleSoft applications to communicate with one another. This is true not just for 8.1x and 8.4 applications, but also between an 8.1x and an 8.4 application. For example, the HRMS 8.3 applications, which are based on PeopleTools 8.15, can communicate with Financials 8.4applications, which are based on PeopleTools 8.4, using Application Messaging. If specific issues materialize relating to the Application Messages published by certain applications, these new messages will be made available to customers.

23. Why is PeopleSoft no longer supporting Apache Jserv?
Apache JServ was a servlet engine that was supported in PeopleTools 8.1x. This support has been removed from PeopleTools 8.4 for several reasons: v JServ is no longer an active product and is in maintenance mode and there are no longer any new official releases. v Our customers have exhibited a desire to use commercial products for mission-critical enterprise web application servers rather than open source solutions. Therefore, moving to support Tomcat is not seen as a reasonable solution. v Apache can still be used as an HTTP server with BEA WebLogic .

24. What HTTP servers and Java servlet engine combinations are supported with PeopleTools 8.4?
All popular http servers (reverse proxies) are supported. Please refer to the platforms database on Customer Connection for specific information on current certified platforms

25. WorkItem is available in?
WorkList Record

26. Where are workflow work items found ?

27. In which platform does Crystal and Psnvision works?
Windows (Correct)

28. You want to update your password and enter a hint for forgotten password. What would you access?
User Profile

29. Question based on changing prompt table, what happens when changing from NO EDIT TO EDIT option?
user can type only prompt table values and the default values gets populated from the database.

30. Customization done in Dev DB, Which tool i will use to move it to Prod DB?
Use App Designer -> Copy DB

31. Your Onsite DBA has called you up and told you that one of the tables PS_ABC_TAO has grown very big in size. Based on the standard naming convention, you have determined that the record is a temporary record since it ends with _TAO You look into the database and decide that that the data is not required any more. You ask the DBA to delete the data in the table. Next day you get a call from an irritated user who says that a daily process that took only 1 minute to run is taking about 2 hours today. You look into his process and find that it uses PS_ABC_TAO as a temporary table. What would you suggest the DBA to do ?
Update statistics on the table

32. (Some scenario) Question relating DBA Purging Temporary Table?
Update Statistics

33. How many Message nodes are possible for a database.?

34. How will you get a single output by combining two or more queries?

35. What BEA product is used for DB transaction in PS?

36. Which one of the following Data Types is NOT supported by the PeopleCode programming environment?

37. What hyperlinks available in PeopleBooks? Some options with different hyperlinks not available in peoplebooks, select the correct one?
Study all hyperlinks in the first page of people books.

38. The example below demonstrates the use of SQR flags in the configuration manager directories folder: -F C:PSHrmsSqrWhat do the above SQR flags signify to the SQR Report Writer upon execution?
Specifies the output path

39. When a business requirement in Fit/Gap Analysis does not meet by PeopleSoft then?
Some options:
1. Customize PS application (Yes)
2. Buy third party software (Yes)
3. Call PS Development Center for Enhancement (Yes)

40. What are the status available in PeopleSoft Domain Status Menu?
Server, Client and Queue Status

41. Which of the following are part of an AE program ?
Section ,Step and Action

42. Which of the following fires after the database is updated?

43. What event gets fired after DB Update?

44. For downloading patches and fixes , you have gone to the customer connection and looking under 8 april, 2000 and see Report IDS like R-CCHEN-VP14JM. What does R stand for ?

45. In which one of the following views would you see the fields, criteria, and other details associated with the current query?
Query view

46. PeopleSoft tracks object changes using a system table. Which PeopleTools System table is used to track object changes?

47. PeopleSoft has its own naming convention for system and non-system (application) tables. In the list below, RECORDNAME refers to the name of any table or record. Referring to the above information, which one of the following identifies the naming convention PeopleSoft uses for system tables?

48. Which process is used for running AE programs which are to be run at a frequency of less than a day ?

49. you can specifically trace the activity of the PSAPPSRV server process by setting the?

50. Which of the following is correct in order to start the Process Scheduler Server from the command line using psadmin.?
Psadmin –p start –d

51. In the following url http://localhost/Peoplesoft/EMPLOYEE/PSFT_HR/c/PROCESS_SCHEDULER.PRCSTYPEDEFN.GBLwhich one is the component definition?

52. I have created a Menu and a Page and given user access to that page, which of the tables gets affected on this (Scenario)?
PeopleTools Tables

53. You are a PeopleSoft Partner and wish to get information on database performance benchmark ( or something like this) Where would you look for the info ?
PeopleSoft Knowledge base SYSAUDIT finds for Orphaned Records

54. Which RDBMS uses Tablespace?
Oracle, DB2, Other Options: SQL Server, Informix, Sybase

55. Changing Prompt Table with NO Edit to Prompt Table with Edit?
Only selection of existing data is possible

56. Which command is valid in both bootstrap and regular mode when operating the data mover?

57. PeopleCode events pertaining to Record Field:?
FieldEdit, SaveEdit and RowDelete

58. Which of the following are Record field events ?
FieldChangeSearchSave and SavePreChange

59. Which of the following commands can be run in Bootstrap mode?

60. What commands are valid in BS mode?

61. What views available in Application Designer project workspace?
Development and Upgrade

62. Which of the above record definitions is NOT stored on the database and is therefore NOT required to be built?
Derived/Work Record

63. You have downloaded an Application fix as a project from the customer connection. Where would you upgrade it to ?

64. PS Query definition is stored on which server?
DB Server

65. How do you login into BS mode?
DB Access Id

66. If you want to log into DataMover in Bootstrap mode, you would login as..?
Database superuser

67. What is added as new option in Build apart from Create Tables, Indexes, Views?
Create Trigger

68. Where will you configure for failover of Application Server (Scenario)?

69. Which one of the following is a transaction control statement ?

70. What Record Changes does not affect Database?
Change in List box in Record Field properties (correct)

71. Which one of the following steps is NOT part of performing an upgrade?
Apply all outstanding patches, prior to upgrade

72. Update and Fixes: R-* files refers to?
Application Updates and Fixes

73. How do you set up table-sharing in PeopleTools applications?
Add the field, SETID, as a key field to each table you want to share, and then define the set control field. PeopleSoft reserves ALL Message Sets (in Utilities, Message Catalog) up to which number?

74. What is the default Crystal Report that PeopleSoft Query tool creates?

75. (Some scenario) Find which is not part of AE Program, Options would be?

76. Which of the following are true with respect to validate signon with database option enabled in psadmin.?
1. The application server first attempts to connect to database using the user id and password as part of the database connection string.
2. User must be defined on either the operating system or the database and within the PeopleSoft.

77. Which of the Following are true for force Shutdown In PeopleSoft Domain Shutdown menu?
1. shuts down the domain using the tmshutdown -k TERM -c command.
2. A forced shutdown is a non-quiescent shutdown that immediately terminates all the processes

78. After logging into customer connection, you wish to search for fixes/patches. What are the search criteria's available ?
1. Report ID
2. Date / time
3. Release

79. What are the Search Keys you use to find Patches and Fixes?
1. Release
2. Updated date time
3. Report Id

80. Which one of the following tree types is NOT supported in the PeopleSoft tree manager?
1. Query trees
2. Combination trees

81. Which Web Services is only used as a Proxy Server?
2. Apache

82. In PeopleCode Debugger what are the valid values?
1. Go
2. Step Over
3. View Variable Value

83. Select the components which form the part of Integration Broker?
1. File Layout
2. CI
3. app. Messaging

84. what are the views available in App. Designer project workspace (multiple answer)?
1. Development
2. Upgrade

85. What are Menu types available?
1. Component
2. PeopleCode
3. Separator

86. Database Connectivity Drivers should be installed in the following System?
1. Client Workstation in two tier mode (Yes)
2. App Server (Yes)
3. Batch Server (Yes)
4. Data Mover (Yes)

87. Where do you need to install connectivity software?
1. batch server
2. App server
3. two tier client

88. What are the People Tools available for Integration Broker?
1. Appl. Messaging
2. Component Interface
3. File Layout

89. A Customer wants to use a new Image in HRMS, where it is stored?
DB Server

90. Can you access pia from mac OS?

91. Which language technology is used in app messaging?

92. Which one of the following PeopleCode debugging tools automatically converts values of any data type other than object into string values for viewing during debugging?

93. PIA screens and recognize it?
Where are the work items presentWorkilist

94. Where do u set the web server cache?
webserver file

95. Your company obtained the newest Application Release of PeopleSoft, and you need to prepare for the upgrade. Upon reading the new Release Notes, you notice that changes were made to two COBOL modules (batch programs). You need to decide how to compare the current versions of these COBOL programs with the versions delivered with the new PeopleSoft application release. Which would be the fastest method of comparing these different versions?
Use non-PeopleSoft comparison tools. 5.

96. True or False. A business Process be used as a Navigator Home page ?

97. True or False. The physical, dedicated tables are locked at the time the Application Engine program is loaded into memory?

98. True or False. State Record can be Dynamic Record?

99. True or False. In Call Section – Action it is possible to leave the Program ID with blank Value in certain cases?

100. True or False. You can assign multiple databases and application servers to a single profile. But, each database and application server must be assigned to only one profile?


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