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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Peoplesoft - Connected Query

One of biggest disavantage of the PSQuery it cannot have the nested result set like a row set. Which on makes in not good option for the complex reports especailly BI Publisher. The new feature will make this happen.

PeopleTools 8.50 includes a new feature that will allow users to connect or join multiple queries to produce a single output file. Joined queries can represent parent-child data relationship, nested data or even unrelated data. This feature will be useful to customers in a number of ways:

Prepare an XML output file that contains nested PeopleSoft data for use in an XML Publisher report. This will allow XML Publisher to produce complex reports from the PeopleSoft system through the use of a "sub-report" type of feature.

• Provide PeopleSoft data to external systems that represent nested data relationships.
• Connected Queries can be scheduled and are also PeopleSoft Managed Objects

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