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Thursday, April 21, 2016

SetID not found for name='SETID' in CRM

For reference purpose.

1. Make sure you have the SHARE Set ID exist in the system. If that exist, go with the option 2
2. Set the User Preferences: Set Up CRM > Security > User Preferences & set the valid SetID value

SetID not found for name='SETID', value='' with record 'EOCF_EVENT_SEQ', tree ''. (2,214) EOCF_CLF_DE.RuleService.OnExecute  Name:SET_CONTROL  PCPC:2991  Statement:74
Called from:FUNCLIB_89_PRSN.PERSON_ID.FieldFormula  Name:CLATrigger  Statement:1189
Called from:FUNCLIB_84_PRSN.RC_POSTBUILD.FieldFormula  Name:PersonPostBuild  Statement:25
Called from:RD_PERSON.GBL.PostBuild  Statement:1

The PeopleCode built-in function GetSetID has been called with parameters that were
not found in the table set definitions.

Review the table set control tables and the PeopleCode and correct whichever is wrong.

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