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Friday, June 5, 2015

Services for Prompt Table and Translate Value Look Up

There are scenarios where a component is integrated with a third party interface to provide service. Say for example, integration Campus Solutions via AAWs using .Net. 

The entire CS functionality is exposed to the interface which has numerous PS delivered Prompts and Translate values. 

How to make sure that the integrated fields refers to the right values and prompts in this situation. Best way is to have a service which tells you the prompt and field values and share it with the third party interface to bind that up to create the drop downs.

And you don't have to create one as there are delivered services which does this job. The service PTLOOKUP retrieves the list of values from PeopleSoft and aid the development efforts.

The two service operations PTLOOKUPPROMT and PTLOOKUPXLAT

The best way to understand how it works and the expected parameters is to go and test it with the test utility. 

You might get a node error initially, then make sure you have an instance to instance routing defined on the respective SO routing tab.



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