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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to know the Record/Field names without opening the Application Desginer

I've been using PS Utilities for a while and it is a great tool. But it doesn't support IE and Firefox. 

So how can we quickly get the Record and Field information on a page, without opening the Application Designer. I gave this info to a couple of functional people and they were all high about this simple technique. It helps the tech guys too at times, if someone ask about the similar information in between a meeting.

In Chrome/Firefox/IE 11, this can be achieved by placing the mouse pointed on the field and right clicking to select the Inspect Element option. This will open the developer window which shows you the HTML information of the page and highlights the field element.

The information about the Record and the Field is right there.

Trace the input element and see the name attribute to get the information in RECORD_FIELDNAME pattern.

A handy tip. 


  1. I do this all the time too. Do take note it would not work all the time. The form names are derived from the record and field name only if a Page Field Name is not assigned in the page definition, otherwise the page field name will be used.

  2. Thanks for the tip Joe.

  3. I have a tool called PSChrome that allows you to easily find this information and more. It is an extension for firefox and google chrome. Hope it helps.

  4. Melban,

    That's a good one too.

  5. Thanks saved much of my time.