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Thursday, September 15, 2011

New PIA Installation

Requirement can happen for creating additional PIA's for the exisitng PS HOME. How to do it. Below are the steps to create the same.

1.Log on to the app server box
2.Shut down PIA
3.Go to C:\PSOFT\HRSA90\setup\mpinternet and run Setup.exe (If you are on windows) and follow the screenshots below:

Be sure to select "Existing Weblogic Domain" when you get to the "Select domain type" step.

Be sure to select "Install additional PeopleSoft site" when you get to that point.

The website name should be _pwd, for example:Please specify a name for the PeopleSoft web site:Website name:[ps] ps_pwd

Enter the same app server and port number as the primary website. To get this use PeopleSoft trick [CTRL+J]

For web profile name, enter the same web profile that is created for this PIA.
To create it go to PeopleTools > WebProfile > Copy webprofile. You can clone any web profile and provide that name here. In this case 'NEW' is the name of the new Web Profile created.

Once you reach the above step, click Install button to create the site.

You would not be having a seperate bat file for Start and Stop PIA.

Now to check the new PIA, Start the AppServer and modify the old PIA login link.

Old PIA will be looking like this: http://localhost/psp/ps/?cmd=login

New PIA: http://localhost/psp/ps_new/?cmd=login

To view the Login page (Signin.html) for the old and new PIA's; navigate to \webserv\peoplesoft\applications\peoplesoft\PORTAL\WEB-INF\psftdocs

Tino Simon

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