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Friday, April 30, 2010

Useful Academic Recruitng and admission features

Academic Program/plan/subplan deactivation feature

Scenario is the program is never valid from a date or a term, still it should be active for the students who are already enrolled to that particular program.

This is achieved through the two fields in Academic program table. They are Last Prospect Date and Last Admit Term fields in the program page.

Batch Prospect/Application deletion

Now the delete process have redesigned with a batch process using population process and has options for 3c deletions.And the deleted data which is in the delete holding table can be utilized to view the prospect/application information using the link provided in the page. Which can be modified and deleted as required.

External education component redesign
component with fewer tabsdata entry sequence customizable by user

more robust transcript info layout

comment filed at transcript level

If a grade change happens in the external education page, history hyperlink shows the previous data

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