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Friday, December 11, 2009

Quick Tips

Effective date?

In order to keep a history for each person or data row in the database, PeopleSoft uses effective dates (FIELDNAME: EFFDT). For the tables that require history tracking, each row of information has an effective date associated with it.
PeopleSoft determines the current row of information by finding the row of information that is closest to today's date without being beyond it. Any row with an effective date that is older than the current row is historical information. Any row that has a date beyond today's date is future information. In addition to the Effective Date, PeopleSoft also uses the Effective Status (FIELDNAME: EFF_STATUS) to indicate whether the row is Active or Inactive.


How can I Upload a Flat File Using App Engine and CI

You can use File Layout object to read the file, to easily copy data to one or more record objects.
Create a component interface based on the component you need to use. Use the component interface's collections, items and related insert methods. You can put all this code in a Peoplecode action in an app. engine.


What is the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture®?

According to PeopleSoft, the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture® is a cross-platform, server-based architecture that enables enterprise applications to be delivered to users through a standard web browser. Through our no-code-on-the-client architecture, access to PeopleSoft® Enterprise applications can be granted to whoever needs it, both inside and outside your organization: employees, partners, suppliers, and customers. This enables everyone to participate in business processes in real time and helps turn the promise of the Real Time Enterprise into reality.


How can I monitor changes in the status of processes in Process Scheduler?

Q: The process scheduler has some 11 different run status. we would like to monitor the changes in run status for a given process, which is an application engine program.
when it changes an notification should be send to someone from support. Is this possible, and if so, how?
A: There is a sample set of scripts in the code section of the site for monitoring the status of the process scheduler. This script is for Windows NT and Oracle but can be adapted for any platform and database. You can easily change the script / code to do what you need it to.


Moving data from PeopleSoft database

DataMover will move any data to an export file. And assuming the record structure is the same in your target database, you can import that data as in your example (from Dev to Prod).
However, PeopleTools objects and some data such as message catalogs, translate values, and messages can be moved through a project in app designer


How do I determine the Host name and IP Address at Signin?

You can get some relevant information as properties of the Request Class inside of PeopleCode.
For example you can use the following code...
&remoteIPAddress = %Request.RemoteAddr;
&remoteHost = %Request.RemoteHost /* Qualified Host Name */


How you determine the last row in a grid ?

You can find out where you are at the last row by the following code in the rowinit.
/* You are at the last row if this condition is satisfied*/
If currentrownumber() = Getrow().Parentrowset.ActiveRowcount Then
/*Processing Done Here*/

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