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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Upload Files in PeopleSoft (File Attachment)

Giving PeopleSoft users the ability to upload files from a page by using the infamous "Browse" button is something that you will most likely do at one point in your PeopleSoft career. As a matter of fact, some questions are popping up on the forum asking for a sample code to get the above requirement accomplished.

I will not be giving any sample code in this post BUT I will show you the way to find the code. Code that is delivered by PeopleSoft and does a little bit more that just uploading a file! The code will show you how to View and Delete uploaded files as well.

Just navigate to PeopleTools > Utilities > Debug > PeopleTools Test Utilities to get the component and page name (Ctrl+J). Open Application Designer and start looking at the code. That same code could be used on your own custom page to allow users to upload, view and delete attachments!

The PeopleTools Test Utilities page is also used to test for Java calls. This is outside the topic of this post, the only section that matters for us on the page is the "File Attachment Test".

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