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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Creating PeopleSoft Reports Using XML Publisher

XML Publisher is now also called "Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher" (BI Publisher). It is a template-based reporting tool that leverages standard technologies for data extraction and display. XML Publisher segregates the Data Logic from the Presentation Layout during development of the reports and combines them at run time. As a result, although a technical consultant might independently design generalized data extraction logic (using Application Engines/PeopleCode or PSQuery), a functional consultant or end user can design the Presentation using common desktop tools such as Microsoft Word based on the data source created by the technical consultant. Because queries can also be used as a data source, XML Publisher extends the flexibility of the tool essentially to the same people who need to view the reports (end users). This means that end users with minimal training are able to design templates and reports based on generally designed data sources, thus greatly reducing the cost of ownership.

This tutorial covers the fundamental features of XML Publisher when it is integrated with Oracle PeopleSoft. You learn how to create templates and reports as well as how to publish your reports.


  1. Anjali Gautam

  2. Can we creae drill down report using Peoplesoft XML publisher.If yes ,Kindly guide me how I can achieve it.

  3. I have not done that yet. However a query in Google will help you with enough information.