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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Upcoming Advanced features in Peoplesoft

1) Peoplesoft Reporting

Connects 2 or more PS/Queries.

n level nesting,Schedulable.

Parent-Child relationships

Underlying structure for XML Publisher subreport support & XML Output.


2) PeopleSoft Query Access Services

Standard Web Services to run and create PS/Queries Planned for PT 8.50

View the image

PeopleSoft and Business Intelligence Publisher Web Services Integration Planned Using QAS.

Report would be scheduled and executed on the BIP Server retrieving PS/Query as data source via QAS.


3) Crystal Reports Now with Platform & Performance Options.


4) Collaboration In Action

View the image


Connected to PeopleSoft transactions

• Pre-integration of collaborative services.

• All communication and artifacts together.

• Enable the free-flowing, ad-hoc nature of Web 2.0.

• Web 2.0 integrated into the Enterprise

• Availability and reliability.

• Permits management, security.

• Heterogeneous technology must be integrated.

• Out of the box integration, lower TCO.

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