Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to Implement Record level Audit in Peoplesoft

Record level auditing allows you to have separate audit tables dedicated to one database record.

Below are the steps to turn on record level auditing

1) Clone the record you wish to edit

2) Add the audit fields: (Key Fields)




And make sure you check off the "system maintained" check mark on the record field properties

3) Delete fields that won’t be audited

4) Remove all key structures

5) Save and build the record

6) Link the base record to the audit record

Open- original record definition

Now all of your changes for that record will be tracked in the new audit record you just created.



  1. Hi,

    I set record audit on BEN_PROG_PARTIC table, i was able to capture the audits from benefits menue and pannel but not from Job -> Benefit program participation. Please let me know what should i do to make it work.

  2. @Rao

    Need little more details on the audit record setup.


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