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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Temporary table Usage

How to find which temp table instance used.

It is very useful if we can view the data in the temp table once process ran to Error/No Success / Success.

Usually Peoplesoft starts allocating the temp table instance from 4 (Where Online temp table instance count in the psoptions table is 3) and allocate in order for execution of AE in Parallel.
If the same record is used in the other applicaiton engine programs as well it will be difficult to predict which temp table will be allocated to an Process execution (Process Instance).

Following are ways to find the temp table instance used by a process instance.

1) When process is running - In Process monitor Process Instance - Details > View locks. we can view the locks on the table. It will contain allocated temp table instance.

2) When Process ran to No Success Or Error Or Cancelled the temp table instance allocated to that Process instance will not released so that it can be by other process we can release temp table in the following component.
PeopleTools > Applicaiton Engine > Manage Abends

3) When process has ran to Success and if you need to find the temp table instance used by that process instance you can query record PS_AETEMPTBLMGR
It will give you the Process instance , RECNAME , Temp table instance allocated to that process.

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