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Monday, June 19, 2023

Low Code Application Development in 2023

A few years ago, I was introduced to low-code application development (LCAD) with Oracle APEX and instantly liked the concept of coding less. The product stint did not last long because the product lacked key critical features at the time. I felt it was easier to code with the known frameworks than foray into a product with restrictions.

However, after spending some time preparing for the latest Oracle APEX certification last week, I was quite impressed with how the product evolved over time and how feature-rich it is now.

A couple of features that I absolutely liked: 

🔥 Workflow integration: This was a huge gap in the tool and now included and packed with features. 

🔥 PWA Push Notifications: Apps became more intuitive with this feature 

🔥 REST Data Source Improvements: REST based integrations and data synchronizations is a game changer. Build it once, and then let it breathe. 

🔥 PWA functionalities can now be accessed with the click of a button.

However, the caveat is that all of these benefits are tightly integrated with Oracle products, which isn’t what everyone needs. 

  • APEX is only compatible with Oracle databases 
  • Email client is limited to OCI Email delivery service 
  • Charts limited to Oracle JET Charts etc.
You can now easily create and deploy enterprise packaged software, data archival and query-enabled products, and on-premises/cloud-integrated products with significant cost and effort reductions with #Oracle APEX and #Kovaion's LCAD platforms. The use cases are endless 💡.

For #CIOs: break free from the technical debt by delivering solutions at an increased pace without compromising the user experience or security.

🎙 DM me for more details and to discuss about the options.

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