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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Good bye SES

With respect to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, Oracle SES is for enabling a rich search features. It is much better than Verity and provides more options for your search, related actions etc. etc. Yes, the options looked great and robust. All enterprises require a better, efficient way of data mining capabilities and Oracle SES was the out of the box solution. I was excited and posted about its features way back when SES was released.

However, few learning from the field of implementing PeopleSoft CRM proved that Oracle SES isn't that easy to administer when it is coupled with other features than simple searching.

PeopleSoft CRM uses SES for several other functionalities like email key word reading, key word indexing, solutions, documents, click rates, unsubscribe. SES has its root grown to these areas which weren't that easy to administer. Initially I thought that it might be implementation problem, but its not is what I could see from Oracle's statement.

"All of our testing indicates that Elasticsearch will be significantly easier to install and maintain and will perform much better than SES both for indexing and results retrieval."

And support?
"Note that Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) will be supported until April 30, 2018, eighteen months after Elasticsearch is delivered in PeopleTools 8.55.11."

OK, so there is some complexity with SES. Good. Its not only me then.

Not sure the road map for untangling SES from CRM products with Elasticsearch, but it will not be an easy task to complete. Search is fine, CRM isn't.

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