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Monday, September 7, 2015

Oracle SES Search Result Hyperlink Not Working

Oracle SES search was working perfect. It was returning the desired results. However if the user tries to click on the link and navigate, nothing will happen. The hyperlink behaves like a normal text.

When right clicked on the page and analyzed the links, there was slashes missing in the base URL's and the server address in the links were not proper. Went to the SES settings and all the ping utilities fired successfully.

Further long analysis led to the non-existence of Portal / Content URI on the local node being the issue. 

If you face the same, these are the steps to resolve:
1. Go to the default node of the instance and provide the Portal / Content URI and Save
2. Go to PeopleTools > Search Framework > Administration > Deploy/Delete Object

Click on Select All and Undeploy. Once all are undeployed,  Select All once again and click Deploy.

This will resolve the Hyperlink issue.

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