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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Why Campus Solutions 9.2?

If you haven't gone through the CS 9.2 FAQ's yet, it is on Oracle Support. Read through and get apprised of its features. 

(Snippet from Oracle Support below)

Announced at Alliance 2014 (March 10, 2014), Oracle is making new, significant investments in Higher Ed solutions that will complement the ongoing investment in functionality to support global Higher Ed operating models in our industry-leading SIS, HCM, and ERP applications.  This includes the creation of a Campus Solutions (CS) 9.2 release, to bring customers a simpler, more productive user experience and more tailored, efficient application life-cycle management process.
Campus Solutions 9.2 is focused on three strategic areas:
  • Intuitive Experience – Campus Solutions 9.2 will take advantage of the significant enhancements by leveraging  the Tools 8.54 User Experience called Fluid to provide a simpler self-service capability that is optimized for mobile devices as well as a more modern, streamlined maintenance process.
  • Selective Adoption: Campus Solutions 9.2 will enable new methods for managing the Continuous Delivery Model with PeopleSoft Update Manager.  “PUM” is a new, innovative way to manage system updates, fixes, and new feature functionality as they are released. Customers can tailor their maintenance to the needs of their campus, up taking only the items that meet their needs while also reducing the time, effort, and cost required to maintain Campus Solutions.
  • Innovative Functionality: The CS 9.2 release will include all the functionality that has been delivered through the Continuous Delivery Model to the CS 9.0 code line.  CS 9.2 provides the upgrade “event” many customers require to resource, budget, plan and implement the wealth of new capabilities already available to reduce their customizations and improving their business processes.

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