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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

PS Utilities Chrome Plugin

Not sure whether you are using this plugin already. If not, I would recommend this to make your life easier.

For me, this is one highly helpful plugin while using PeopleSoft. Love this due to the below main reasons

- I don’t have to check in the app designer on the record field names on the page. I can get that information from a single click on the browser
- It saves the login information and no need to type the credentials every time.

Other features:

Global Favorites
• Create favorites for the pages you use most often.
• These favorites can be accessed from all environments, unlike the delivered favorites.
• You can choose to open in same window or a new tab.
• Favorites can be grouped together in categories and sub-categories.

PS Utilities Toolbar
• This is a floating toolbar which is visible when in PeopleSoft.
• It contains a number of features which can be turned on/off as you wish.
• You can position the bar where you would like as well as resize.

CTRL + J Information
• Get the most important CTRL + J information by clicking an icon in the toolbar.

Field Inspector
• Use the field inspector to find the name of records and fields behind the pages.

Search Page Features
• Auto Correct History – the Correct History option will be selected on search pages by default.
• Auto Advanced Search – some search pages have Basic Search by default, which means you have to click the Advanced Search button to be able to search by more parameters, this option will always bring up the Advanced Search options.

Page Tabsa
• Some components have so many tabs that you can’t see them all without scrolling through by clicking the arrow icons.
• Page Tabs provides quick links to all the pages in a component from the toolbar.

Environment Indicator and User ID
• The name of the environment you are logged into as well as the User ID with which you are logged in will be displayed in the toolbar.
• Very useful for people who work in multiple environments or log in with multiple user accounts.

Really helpful one.


  1. Thanks for the mention on your blog. I'm happy that you are finding this utility useful.

  2. Uffe,
    Must say that your creation is a real helpful one.