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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Configurable User Profile Synchronization

Started off with the traditional USER_PROFILE sync and the user profiles on the target instance got corrupted. 

Because of two main reasons. Custom Symbolic ID and Primary Permission List on the target instance. It would have been a customization before 8.5X, to exclude the unwanted fields, but not anymore. 

The USER_PROFILE_XFR, an enhanced/configurable USER_PROFILE message, is a stand-alone message and can be used instead of USER_PROFILE message depending on the requirement of what needs to be synchronized between databases.

You can control the fields to send to the target database by checking/un-checking the fields in the message.

When you view the XFR message for the first time, you might notice that some of the fields are already unchecked. 

As per Peoplebooks, below are the ones which are excluded in the message by default. 


Note from Oracle: The USER_PROFILE_XFR message should not be used for messaging between a PT 8.4x to PT 8.5x environment.  This is only when the publishing and subscribing database is on PT 8.5x.

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