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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Enabling the Reset Password Feature in Oracle SQL Developer

It happens. We forget our password and it becomes a headache all of a sudden. Here is one way to reset the password from Oracle SQL Developer.

You might have noticed the 'Reset Password' option, when you right click on any connection. It might be grayed out if you do not have the Oracle Client installed. Here's how you can enable that option by installing the client.

UnZip the same and place it at your convenient location. You need the location to map the client later in the setup.

Add the above path to the Environment Variable

Go to Tools > Preferences > Database > Advanced and check 'Use Oracle Client' & 'Use OCE/Thick Driver'

Click on 'Configure' and locate the Oracle Client. Select Client Type as 'Instant Client'.

Then click on 'Test' button and make sure you get the success message as given below.

Re-start the SQL Developer, then on the corresponding Connections, right click and make sure that the 'Reset Password' option is enabled.

And you have it!

This is really really handy. Wooh!

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  1. 1) Go to the Oracle Database Folder ( In my case Oracle Database 11g Express Edition) in the START MENU.
    2) Within that folder click "Run SQL Commandline"
    3) Type "connect username/password" (your username and old password without the quotation marks)
    4) The message displayed is ...

    ERROR: ORA-28001: the password has expired
    Changing password for hr

    --> New password:

    5) Type New Password
    6) Retype the new password
    7) Message displayed is ...

    Password changed

    8) GO TO Sql developer --> type the new password --> connected