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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Transform the PSQuery

You might have already noticed a new tab on the PSQuery Manager - Transformations.

This is the place where you can place your custom XSL code and render the query in a much better way, than displaying it in a traditional way.

The best part I loved about this is that, you can create excellent report from the query, without using any existing reporting tools, but with just few lines of XSL + HML fused together. That's awesome!

To add a new XSL, click on the Add XSLT button.

It opens the data entry window for you to place the XSL.

To view the XSL effect on the query, click on the Preview button.

The XSL which I placed, transforms the query into a  tabular structure and easy to go through.

If you want to generate the transformed report, then schedule the query and you have it!

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