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Monday, July 1, 2013

Report Distribution Using AddDistributionOption

In my previous post on Report Distribution Using XML Publisher - Right Report To The Right Person, we have seen how to distribute the report to the right person, without any coding efforts. Because we have that feature pre-built in XML Publisher. 

What if, when SQR process comes with a similar requirement?

This can be achieved by the AddDistributionOption, from the CreateProcessRequest family.

A small trick has to be implemented to launch n number of process request based on the parameters. 

&RQST.AddDistributionOption("User", "Your User ID"); will take care of distributing the reports from there, based on the User ID fed into it.

You can use this approach for the XML Publisher and nVision reports too.

Like we have an alternate way in XML Publisher, there is a way to do the same in nVision. However, I did not get a chance to try out the same.

If anyone has done it before, feel free to share the tip here.

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