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Friday, June 7, 2013

XML Publisher - Clean Up

Cleaning Up BI Publisher Metadata

Some people are very specific about the way the data is managed in the system. I have seen several Admins who is very serious about the accurate data in the system, they will always clean up the data in the system, like the perfect housewives maintains a good home. 

In BI Publisher we have a delivered way to do this act. The Application Engine program name is PSXPCLEAN. It tracks and manages the orphaned objects in the system and provides you a report too.

What the different sections does in the AE. It find outs the orphaned definitions to the state record and deletes it in a sequence.

Various sections performs this duty.

This application engine program is delivered in Report and Delete mode. To run the program in Report Only mode, open the application engine program PSXPCLEAN in Application Designer and remove the comment in the following statement in PSXPCLEAN:Main:Start PeopleCode action:

rem PSXPFILECLN_AET.REPORT_ONLY_FLAG = "Y" (which is marked in Yellow below)

From here, the AE starts collecting the info about the missing definitions.

From this point the clean up starts.

A handy tip to know about the AE and the main tables in XMP Publisher for quick reference.

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