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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Component missing from MouseOver Popup Setup. Contact Your System Administrator.

While creating a new component from the copy of several delivered pages, you might see this error on the MouseOver Popup feature.

"Component missing from MouseOver Popup Setup. Contact Your System Administrator."

The solution is simple. You can get there easily, if you are in the mid of a development. However, this error can kill your time, during an upgrade, making you read the related App Package codes and to figure out how my component got missed from the setup.

Solution: There is a setup for MouseOver Popup in 8.52, where you have to authorize a component (mainly happens with the custom ones), for the MouseOver feature.

The setup is under: Set Up HRMS > Common Definitions > Mouse Over PopUp > MouseOver Component Setup.

Provide the component name and the Person Detail view and you are done with the component setup for MouseOver Popup.

And the popup will work as expected.


  1. Is this an HRMS-only feature, or does it apply to FS also?

  2. Daniel,

    Not sure about FS.