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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Reuse SQR XML Tag creation process

I have wrote a post on Payroll Customization Check/Advice stub Modification, few weeks back. There was some interesting learnings that came in the way.

First thing is the XML creation tag, which can be extended to a new SQR with XML Tag creation requirement. This will make the code standard and flexible enough to extend for any data requirement that might come into picture in future.

It is always recommended to code in a way which makes the application configurable and easily extendable. And this one piece will make the life easy for the developer.

The below code part is from the PAY003.sqr file. If you notice to the end of it, there are a lot of procedure calling statements like do Process-SSP-XML-Tag-Beg, do  Process-SSP-XML-Tag-Content, do Process-SSP-XML-Tag-End tags. These are the heros in creating the XML's for the report to the end.

You can leverage these elements for adding new sections to the report upon the requirement that might come up later in the stages.

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