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Thursday, February 28, 2013

PeopleSoft Interaction Hub

I felt it like improved and robust (Old vine in a new stylish bottle).
The latest release value proposition has just been published for the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub (formerly Applications Portal). As you may know, we've moved this product to the Revision release model to bring updates and enhancements to our customers on a more timely basis. This also enbles us to align our Interaction Hub re...leases with the latest PeopleTools capabilities.
This RVP covers Release 9.1/Revision 2, and covers the following main features:
  • Rebranding and new Restricted Use License
  • New Style Sheet adoption
  • Red Paper facilitating Single Sign-on between the Hub and PeopleSoft Applications
  • Other User Experience enhancements

In particular, customers will find great value in the new Global Search used in the Hub. This enables a more search-centric navigation paradigm by allowing end users to access content via searches executed in Interaction Hub across all PeopleSoft applications.

The red paper will be welcomed by administrators charged with installing and setting up their Interaction Hub with their PeopleSoft applications.

The paper can be downloaded from My Oracle Support here. (requires login)
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  1. Hi there

    I am new to PeopleSoft. Will you be albe to tell me if the screen shot posted on this blog was customized or was done completely using conguration/branding/stylesheet?

  2. Hello Radha Krishnan,
    I have to collate your OR statements here. This is a screenshot providedd by oracle. You can use the conguration/branding/stylesheet to get this look and feel.