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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PeopleSoft 8.53 - Is almost here!

Before exploring the features of 8.52, there comes 8.53 version :)
Change is always good. And as far as I am concerned, look and feel matters and 8.53 comes with entirely new style sheet (Now have to explore how to customize this guy).
Toppings all over the place. Seems like the whole PeopleSoft is getting more and more interactive.
Related actions/contents enhanced at every release is improving that space. Context menu's using Red Glyph indicator, Actions drop down menu, SES search realted actions/drop downs,Related Content page level drop down...It's getting more and more interactive. Loving it!
For push button we have additional type other than Push Button and Hyperlink. The Action Widget. Let's see whether any wonders can be made from that.
PeopleTools is getting more and more better and higly configurable with less code (really?).
Pivot grids got a facelift. UI has improved a lot. Have to spend sometime this weekend to checkout the exisitng features beofre the new ones comes in.
Turn on/off modal windows at your will. You have some modeless windows too.
Excited for the releases which will happen every year now untill 2016, which will release the 8.56 version. Can't imagine the feratures that comes in those releases.

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