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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Archiving the data

I am not very much into the PeopleSoft data archiving part. 

But in the fast few months, while creating our own applications to sell, we had requirements to create archive tables for most of the app related online tables. And what we used to do it is to create app specific stand alone archiving process.

As you might know being a DBA geek, delivered archiving process is having a best practice in it. And it is not tough to use also. Only thing to fit our history tables into the archiving stack is to add the sub record - PSARCHIVE_SBR.

And then you can populate the values using PS Queries and can run a AE program to clean up the data. Everything can be beautifully configured and execute.


Recommended method.

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  1. I have done this before by making a configuration record in which i stored the table which we want to clean.And make a simple AE with the help of state record.
    %select in do select
    messagebox to see archive count in peoplecode section
    SQL>delete from %bind(recordname,noquotes) where date>