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Friday, July 6, 2012

So the need is a Calendar View!

The requirement was to have a calendar view to show the enrolled classes details for a student. And what I had was a narrow right side column to fit it. As and when the student enrolls to various classes he should be able to view the details in a calendar view and I was like - oops!

The requirement came up with a tip - the calendar view in the Student Center. And when I opened the code behind it...oh no and I decided not to go with that approach. First I cannot fit that in the area available in the application, secondly recreating the code was insane. But the final decision was this.

Was trying for the past few days for a way to get this requirement done and finally it is done! Thank god!

I will give you a small example:

The below is the screen capture of the Student Enrollment database.

Conside the student 0136 is logged in. The data is pulled up from the STDNT_ENRL table as given above.

A couple of assumptions here: 
ENRL_ADD_DT is the Class Date
LAST_UPD_TM_STMP is the Class Date and Time

Student sees the calender in the form below:

Now from the database we know that the Class Dates are as follows:

So in the above screenshot we are in the month of August 2012. So two clicks back...

Now we have his details on the calendar view. Just hover with the mouse on the dates to view the details.


  1. Hi,
    Could you please share how you achieved this ?

  2. You can use jquery calender plugin for this. Its pretty simple.

  3. Arpan GangulyJuly 19, 2014

    Please provide me some snippet of this code. I need this for one of my project badly. Thanks in advance.