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Thursday, April 28, 2011

SignOn PeopleCode

Consider there is a requirement to warn the users while they login and before they land on the peoplesoft home page. How can we achieve this?

When this question came to me I was not able to understand how we can recognize the user who logs in through the login page. The user can be an employee, he can be a guest. But before landing the homepage how is it possible to check the role attached to the user? That was a challenge indeed at first.

SOPC - Sign on People code was one way for implementing the same. This people code will get fired upon the login to any PIA environment.

How to relate the people code we write to the login session. This can be achieved through: PeopleTools >> Security >> Security Objects >> Sign on people code

You can provide the record name, the field and the event on which the people code is written. Then use the checkbox to control when the code need to be fired.

Now consider, you need to show the user a page based on how he is verified. For this, you have to use the page under: Web profile >> Web profile configuration >> Look & Feel

Use the Password section to cater the above requirement. In the password warning page you can provide your own HTML page which you have created with the necessary warning for the user.

And use the SetAuthenticationResult function to do the rest of the work.

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