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Friday, March 11, 2011

Password Reset: An easy method

This is a tip when there happens a requirement to have a mass password update. Consider the client want to update the password of the employee with a combination of birth year and first name. How to send the combination to database. Password cannot be changed using a simple update. There is hashing happening in between which will encrypt the password.

Now the USER_PROFILE CI comes into picture. It has some extra delivered methods if you notice. Use the set password method at this point.

Function SetPassword(&password As string, &passwordConfirm As string) Returns boolean;
rem get password controls set up in PSSECOPTIONS;
Return True;

Pass the password as a string to this method and you can easily change the password using a batch process say using application engine.

There is a method for resetting the password too. Check it out!

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  1. Hej, jeg virkelig sætter pris på din indsats for at opretholde denne blog. Meget oplysende og masser af gode PeopleSoft tips og kodestumper. alt det bedste. Tak, Milano