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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things to remember about Domodal

A small point about DoModal fucntion and Secondary page. You might be knowing this already, but, Just in case...

You know that Secondary page can be called from a hyperlink/Push Button either by 'PeopleCode Command' or by 'Secondary page directly'

1. When we use Secondary page option in hyperlink, it suppreses the FieldChange/FieldEdit events and if we need to do any changes we cannot do. When we are using the Secondary page option, we dont need to insert the secondary page on the main page at the corresponding level it called from. As the Modal page knows where it has to comeback, we dont need to specify it.

2. When we use PeopleCode Command option in hyperlink, as we will be using DoModal PeopleCode and assume that the secondary page is not inserted on the page, the modal page doesnt know where to return its results. So, its mandatory that we need to include the secondary page on the main page where we have this hyperlink (on which the PeopleCode is written). Since, its based on PeopleCode, we can make use of FieldChange and FieldEdits of the hyperlink.

Manivannan Ramar

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