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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some IB tables

This is the list send by one of my friends. You can add table which are missing in the list below.

-- Service
PSOPERATION; --all services
PSOPERATIONLANG; -- language specific descriptions

-- Service Operation Versions
PSOPRVERDFN; -- all the service operations
PSOPRVERDFNLANG; -- language specific descriptions
PSOPRVERDFNPARM; -- holds request / response message information , queue

-- Service Operation Handlers
PSOPRHDLR; -- all the handlers
PSOPRHDLRLANG; -- language specific descriptions
PSOPERATIONAC; -- handler details referring to DMS application class
PSOPERATIONDMS; -- handler details referring to DMS script
PSOPERATIONCI; -- handler details referring to CI's

-- Service Operation Routings
PSIBRTNGDEFN; -- all routings
PSRTNGDFNLANG; -- language specific descriptions
PSIBRTNGSUBDEFN; -- routing alias information
PSRTNGDFNPARM; -- routing transformation information
PSRTNGDFNCONPRP; -- routings specific connector override information
PSOPRGENRTGPARM; -- holds list of auto generated routings

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