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Friday, January 28, 2011

BPEL Checklists and Tracing the issues

Common Issues with BPEL:

A]Files not picked up
Reasons could be:
Same file name - Rename file
Process is turned OFF - Turn it ON
FTP Adapter shut down - Reset Polling timer
Server Error - Reboot server/ Redeploy process

B]Data not loaded
Check the DB Connection settings
ODIADM user id should be present and should have rights to loading tables

In case of Issues, the following trouble shooting methods can be followed:

Look into the details like:
- the email error notifictaion,
- if there was anything different from usual, was it larger size file etc
- Was the input file re-tried and loaded successfully or not? etc
- Input Data file that caused the error
- Log file (OPMN.log) detail

Configuration checklist:

JDBC configuration:
JNDI and DB Adapter
Connection pool, datasource
JNDI and DB Adapter

Logon to the console Applications  View drop down  Standalone Resource Adapters DB Adapters  Connection Factories
(The JNDI Location property would need to match the JNDI Location property in the datasource settings of JDBC configuration )

Connection pool, datasource:
Logon to the console Administration  Services  JDBC Resources
(The connection pool and datasource name could be tested by clicking the Test_Connection icon)

FTP configuration:
FTP Adapter
Logon to the console  Applications  View drop down  Standalone Resource Adapters FTP Adapters  Connection Factories
(Click the JNDI used in the code. Properties like Userid and Password need to be checked.Also the SFTP hostname, port-number could be checked) file:
Verify all the parameters in the file

CommonHandler Service:
The CommonHandler service used for sending error notifications need to be deployed in the respective domain where the other BPEL objects are deployed.

Email File:
The ns_email.xml file in the BPEL domain need to be configured to include the email properties of the domain viz. From, alias name

Control File:
The control file for each of the BPEL transactions need to be present in the FTP directory

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