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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Visual page compare and merge feature in Application Designer.

Visual way of comparing pages between source and target instances.

Visual Page compare and merge feature in Application Designer. – One of not more widely known feature in Application designer. It is available since People Tools - 8.46.

1) Easier/Visual way to find the differences between the pages in different instance.

2) Compare page without need to include them in any project.

3) Move or Merge the changes in the pages easily.

4) Easy to find the field properties differences.

In Application Designer select Tools -> Diff/Merge Page. This menu item only appears when you have a page definition open (which is probably part of the reason that this feature is not more widely known). You'd then select your target; either another database or an Application Designer project export file.

Pages from both the source and target instance is shown side-by-side and differences are marked in red. Very easily to analyze.

The PeopleSoft Application Designer displays a Property Value panel to show details about every difference or each changed page control. To the right, each page is displayed side-by-side enabling the visual comparison.

Ganesh Muralidhar

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