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Friday, October 1, 2010

Feed dashboard in your PIA

This might be the simplest code you can ever create.

This is about creating a feed page in the PeopleSoft instance, which will pull up your favorites as rss feeds.

I created a small sample one while working with my previous company. The intention was to pull up the news feeds from my favorite news sites, which I can take up a glance without navigating away from the PIA.

It was done in two ways. One using Pagelet wizard and using the HTML area.
Then you can create a page which exactly serves the purpose of Google news, right on your PeopleSoft homepage.

How to make it is a very simple task. Pick up any feed link from your favorite site and use the following link to create the RSS feed HTML script to embed in Pagelet wizard or in the html area.

I used: to create the embedding script.

So how to create the embed script for MyTechSpeak PeopleSoft site?

You can see a feed icon on the navigation bar of the site.

Right click on it and click on the copy shortcut option. You will get the following link:

Now go to the link: and follow the screenshots below:

Click on the generate javascript button to get the embed code.

Now after embedding the above code in Pagelet or html area, it will look like this. This will be automatically updated with the sites status.stay connected.

Try it. It’s fun, simple and useful. Even you can create a kind of google news inside your pia :)

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