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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enable page Anchor

Just a quick thought of sharing this info. you would have heard about 'Enable page Anchor'. how to achive this.

1. The Anchor fields should be a Push Button or Hyperlink
2. On the General tab, Check the box, Enable as Page Anchor and give the Page Filed Name as 'Anchor1' (upto us)
3. Keep this button at the top of the page
4. Create one more field with the same properties (Give the page field name as Anchor2)

5. On both the fields, change the destination (on the Type tab) to Page Anchor
6. Once done, Action tab will be enabled on the same Type tab
7. Give the Action Type as Page Anchor
8. Give 'Related Control' as Anchor 2 for Anchor1 field and Anchor1 for Anchor2 field

Once done, if you click on Anchor1, the control goes to Anchor2 and vice versa.


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