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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Table Triggers

Last week i heard my mangager asking my collegue to take the back of a table trigger. However i was not aware of the way the trigger back up is taken.

I got the information from my colleague itself. With that info i googled for the same. This link, will tell how to design,create and implement triggers.

If you want to know the trigger realted to a table, the following note will give youa quick update:

ALL_TRIGGERS describes owned by the current user and triggers on tables owned by the current user. If the user has the CREATE ANY TRIGGER privilege, then this view describes all triggers in the database.

Related Views
DBA_TRIGGERS describes all triggers in the database.
USER_TRIGGERS describes all triggers owned by the current user. This view does not display the OWNER column.

Click here to view the reference page

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