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Friday, January 29, 2010

How to change the Oracle Logo in the top left hand corner of all PIA pages

This is a pretty basic change – and I’m sure most people will already have been through this – but as it seems to be a pretty common query I thought I’d write it up, then at least in future I can just point here.

The requirement is this. Vanilla PeopleSoft comes delivered with the vendor logo in the top left hand corner of all PIA pages (Oracle for Tools 8.48, PeopleSoft on prior versions). The image can be changed to a custom one, usually the logo of the organization (E.g. Orion Logo) or of the project the PeopleSoft implementation is part of.

Solution A – Quick and Dirty Solution
If your desired image is the same dimensions (or can be resized to be the same dimensions) as the vanilla logo then you can just upload your new image over the NEW_PS_LOGO image in App Designer.

Solution B – Full solution for those implementing Enterprise Portal
If you have the portal product, you can navigate to Portal Administration > Branding > Define Headers. On the Images Tab you can select the new image (you’ll have to load it in via App Designer first or have it available via a URL). On the Attributes tab of the grid you can also enter sizes, so the image dimensions don’t have to match the delivered image.

Solution C – Full solution for those without Enterprise Portal
A little more effort is required if you don’t have the portal product. The default image is 145×41 pixels, and if you can get your company logo to look good in those dimensions then the job is really simple, just change the NEW_PS_LOGO Image as above. If you want to change the dimensions of the image, then there are 3 HTML objects to check:
Changing the width of the image is straightforward. If you want to change the height then you will probably find you have to rejig the tables a little.

The image can be either a Jpeg, a Gif, or – if you want to get really creative – an animated Gif. The Image name is hardcoded into PeopleCode so you may as well overwrite the delivered image as alter the delivered PeopleCode, but if you want to have a look it’s in the PT_BRANDING App Package.

Be aware that if you do overwrite the delivered image then the new image will appear everywhere that the delivered image would have, such as the Timeout warning popup message and the expired Password screen.

NB: Even though we are changing the Logo still the tool tip will be displaying as Oracle Logo. For changing this we need to modify the HTML objects (PORTAL_EXP_PASSWORD_HDR

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