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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jolt Pooling issue fix

If you have read my previous post on Web Server Jolt Pooling & Download to Excel relation, here are some more information I just received from my Data base administrator.

While the Jolt Pooling feature is introduced, it was an efficient way to balance the load to the application server. However the limitations made the roll back of the feature. That is why the 'Disabling of Jolt Pooling' helped to solve the issues regarding the Excel download and View attachment functionality.

Now the fix for the issues while Jolt Pooling is enabled, is released by Oracle. Thanks to my DBA for providing this valuable information.

From Customer connection

SOLUTION  201036989 - E-FTP: ViewAttachment does not work after upgrade to tools 8.48.xx.

Enterprise PeopleTools 8.48.xx

ViewAttachment does not work after upgrade to tools 8.48.xx. View attachment does not work on first click but does work on second or third attempt.
Tools 8.48 has change in web.xml file for Jolt Session Pooling.
Jolt Session Pooling is set to True by default, which was not the case in earlier tools release.

This seems to be only affecting PT 8.48 and greater releases at this point. Please see workaround to resolve this issue.
The final fix for this issue is in tools patch 8.48.16 and 8.49.09, where Joltpooling is not required to be disabled for Viewattachment.

Change the web.xml file as follows.
File should be in following directory    
There are several servlet where joltpooling is enabled, you need to change only for PSP and PSC servlet.
Also you need to bounce the web server and delete web server cache.

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