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Monday, October 12, 2009

Integration Broker Monitor

I find that users are often confused about how to look at the message monitor to determine if there are errors. 

The most common mistake is when a user just looks at one of the three message queues and ignores the rest. They may just look at the “Operation queue” or just the “publication queue” when in fact you need to look at the Operation, Publication, and Subscription queues to make sure they are all clear of errors.

I put together the following screenshot that I hope will help people understand how to properly look at the message monitor to see if there are any errors and see if all the messages have processed. 

Note: This is taken from an 8.49 Tools database.   There were major changes to the Integration Broker terminology starting in 8.48.  However, the concepts are really the same but the terminology has slightly changed starting in 8.48.

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