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Friday, October 9, 2009

Difference between different people tools versions

Difference between different people tools versions, is a general question that I always hear around.

I got these details below from the Oracle PeopleTools cumulative feature document release and thought of sharing few details here.

Application designer

Release 8.44

Spell check for labels, texts
grid generation code to generate blank, dummy rows to pad out the grid to the fixed number of rows set in the occurs count
activate or deactivate the Help and New Window links, and new settings to customize a page and copy a URL
Change Packager feature

Release 8.45

Scroll and Clip attributes have been removed
You can now add a –LF parameter to the command line for pside.exe and specify the location of a log file

Release 8.46

more robust upgrade tools, which enable you to:

Make rapid changes to environments.
Create custom code.
Upgrade applications and apply patches.
visual compare feature in PeopleSoft Application Designer enables you to view the same page definition from two different data sources
Compare Report Viewer, a client-based HTML program

Release 8.48

composite compare reports
Save As option and a Delete option when working with foreign language pages, which allow conversion to and from non-base languages
New mappings are available for PeopleSoft field types Character, Long Character, Long Character with Raw Binary, and Image Attachment.
supports the DESC clause in the CREATE INDEX DDL statement.
two new file layout options, Seg Terminator and Pad Field

Release 8.44

Crypt class, universal queue classes, PrcsApi class, content reference links class, worklist class, and abstract classes.
editor has been enhanced to allow you to control how PeopleCode appears in an Application Engine program, a SQL definition, an HTML definition, or regular PeopleCode, and to control the word-wrap feature
new built-in functions and system variables have been added

Release 8.45

new functions added to PeopleCode include CopyFromJavaArray, CopyToJavaArray, TransferExact, and WriteToLog
Application classes were changed to allow you to declare protected methods and properties, and to declare a class as an Interface
New properties were added to Field Class and Java Class
Role-based security is now supported through the RolePermissions classes
new RowsetCache class was added. PeopleTools stores application data in a database cache to increase system performance. The RowsetCache class enables you to access this memory structure, created at runtime, and shared by all users.
application logging with PeopleTools

Release 8.46

Several new classes were added to PeopleCode—Analytic Calculation Engine Classes,Analytic Calculation engine Metatdata Classes, Analytic Grid Classes, Analytic TypeClasses, and Integration Broker Web Service Directory Class

Release 8.47

SendMail built-in function has been changed so that you can use double-byte characters for the display names for an email address

Release 8.48

Message classes, many changes were made to support service operations, the new events, message segments, container messages, and so on

More features related to Development Tools, Integration Tools, Analytic Tools, Administration Tools, Lifecycle Management Tools, People Books etc you can download it from site.

IF you have any more specific info about the same, please post it as comments under this post


  1. Apart from that, PT8.45 and PT8.47 are very buggy, especially PT8.47, you should forget it.
    Coming from PT8.46, integration broker is much more "integrated" and robust than before.
    8.48 and 8.49 are very close from eachother.

  2. Also 8.48x are not that gr8 if you take into account the major fixes that Oracle has had to close ... I addition to that there is a new bug which is supposed to be fixed in 8.49.19 and only exists in 8.48x and 8.49x which relates to AE/CI ... The most popular PeopleTools among Developers ...

  3. can anyone tell the diff between peopletools 8.49 and 8.50