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Friday, October 30, 2009

Creating Tabbed Grid:

PeopleSoft recommends using a tabbed grid design if your grid contains many columns running off the right side of the page. Do this by adding tab separator controls to your grid.

Example :



Tabbed grid

You can give users the option of expanding all of the columns to the right so they are visible when using the browser's horizontal scroll bar. This is particularly useful to power-users who do a great deal of intensive data entry. The Enable View All Columns check box on the Use tab in the Grid Properties dialog box controls this feature and is selected by default. The Expand All button appears to the right of the grid tabs, as shown in the preceding screen shot. After the grid is expanded, the Show Tabs button appears to enable the user to collapse the grid so that the tabs appear again.

Steps Required to Create a Tabbed Grid :

  1. Insert a grid control on the page.
  2. Insert the columns to appear on the first tab.
  3. Insert a tab separator control after the last column.
  4. Set the tab separator properties.
    1. Double-click on the tab separator to access the Tab Separator Properties dialog box.
    2. Specify the label properties on the Label tab.
    3. Specify the general properties on the General tab.
  5. Insert the next set of columns to appear on the second tab.

    Alternatively, you can place all of the columns in your grid first and then insert the tab separator between the two columns that you want separated.

  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 if necessary.
  7. Set the tab separator properties by double-clicking the column heading of the tab separator.
  • On the Label tab, specify the label type.

    Select None, Text, or Message Catalog. If you select Text, enter the label text and select the label alignment. The label text that you select appears on the tab in the grid.

  • On the General tab, determine whether you want to enable the tab separator as a page anchor.

    If so, select the Enable as Page Anchor check box and enter a page field name.

Freezing Grid Columns :

You can freeze the first column or the first several columns in a tabbed grid so that they appear on subsequent tabs. To freeze more than one column, select the freeze option for each column that you want to appear on the following tab.

Using Multiple Grids in a Page :

You can place as many grids on a page as you like, provided that they are at the same occurs level. They can be one above the other or they can be side-by-side. This is helpful when you must transfer data from one grid to another without switching between pages.


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