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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

PeopleSoft Web Services - Consume Web Service

Web services is a collection of programming techniques including SOAP, WSDL and XML. They are platform independant. Web services in PeopleSoft gives you the ability to expose PeopleSoft functions and methods to the outside world over HTTP. It also allows PeopleSoft to use Web services made available by different systems. These are easily accessible via standard HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

How to setup Web Services in PeopleSoft With the basic understanding of Integration Broker, it’s very easy to setup Web Services in PeopleSoft. Following will cover the following topics related to PeopleSoft Web Services: 1. Provide Web Service 2. Consume Web Service 3. CI-Based Web Service
Consume Web Service
PeopleSoft provides a Wizard to consume Web services. It’s an easy-to-use eight step process. Use the following steps:
  1. Go to PeopleTools , Integration Broker , Web Services , Consume a Web Service.
  2. You’ll see five options: UDDI, WSDL URL, WSIL URL, File, Legacy WSDL (Prior to 8.48).
  3. We are going to use WSDL URL assuming that you have the URL of the Web service that you are trying to use.
  4. Check WSDL URL radio button and enter Web Service URL. Click ‘Next’ button.
  5. This next screen will show you the name of WSDL service. Select the serviceby checking the box. If you would like to see the service WSDL, click View WSDL hyperlink.
  6. Hit the ‘Next’ button which will take you to step 3. In this screen you may see more than one port of the Web service. You just need to select one port. After selecting the port, hit ‘Next’ button.
  7. It takes you step number four. In this step, you will be able to select all functions/methods that are provided by Web service. This screen gives a lot of details about the methods such as method type, port type, etc. Chose all methods that you need for PeopleSoft and hit Next button.
  8. If the method that you selected above is a Synchronous Operation that it will take you directly to Step 6. If the method is Asynchronous then it will take you to Step 5 where you will be able to convert two Asynchronous messages to one Synchronous message. Hit the ‘Next’ button after you are done with step 5.
  9. Now you are in Step 6 which allows you to convert Web service methods to PeopleSoft Service Operations messages. When you go to step 6, PeopleSoft automically assigns messsage names but you can change them to more meaningful names.
  10. From step 6 you can be directed to either step 7 or step 8. If your web service has an asynchronous message then it takes you to Step 7. In this step you assign a Queue to your Service Operation. You can create a new queue or assign an existing one.
  11. Step 8 allows you to assign an existing or a new node to your Service Operation. Click the Finish button to proceed to the next step in the Wizard.
  12. The final page is the Consume Web Service Confirm page. There you see WSDL Import log which provides the summary. You can also view the consumed web service.
View Web service components in Integration Broker

Now you are done with ‘Consume a Web Service’. In order to view the components of the consumed web service you can go to Integration Setup under PeopleTools. If you are not familiar with Integration Setup, follow the steps below to find how to view Service Operation that you just created.
  1. Go to PeopleTools ,Integration Setup ,Services
  2. Type in the service name that you had created in Step 6.
  3. It will open the Service details. You can also view the Service Operation associated with it. There is ‘View WSDL’ hyperlink that you can use to view the consumed WSDL document.

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