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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to create cool charts in PeopleSoft

Visual tools like charts are great for your busy team members/managers to get a status of the current situation and trends. Our study have concluded that having a placing graph on an approval page is much more effective in cost awareness and control than having a separate report. Managers are too busy managing day to day activities to “seek” out information, better to have a one stop concept.


Following section describes how you can leverage the chart object provided in

PeopleSoft to enhance your dull web pages with charts.


1. Create Work Record

Create a work record and add a chart field


2. Page – Chart object

Create a page and insert the chart object

InsertàChart (Q)


3. Provide Component – Menu – Portal – Security

4. Add Chart PeopleCode under rowinit peoplecode


/* Purpose: Sample Code to create a basic chart on PeopleSoft web page. Chart will be a basic bar chart which highlights Actual Data and an overlay line for budget Developer: Steve Chun*/


/* declare chart object */

Local Chart &oChart;


/* create chart object */



/* pass any variable, this assumes that you have a custom view

IC_ACTUALS with fields: deptid, fiscal_year, amount_total & ic_month*/




/* create stand alone rowset and populate */

&oRowset = CreateRowset(Record.IC_ACTUALS);

&oRowset.Fill(“where deptid = :1 and fiscal_year = :2”,&deptid, &year);


/* populate chart object with data and set X and Y axis */





/* Chart properties */

&oChart.Type = %ChartType_2DStackedBar;

&oChart.HasLegend = True;

&oChart.LegendPosition = %ChartLegend_Right;

&oChart.XAxisLabelOrient = %ChartText_Vertical;


/* X & Y labels */

&oChart.XAxisTitle = "Monthly Budget vs Commitment";

&oChart.YAxisTitle = "Pre-Encum";


/*Overlay chart data type*/

&oChart.OLType = %ChartType_2DLine;

&oChart.OLLineType = %ChartLine_Dash;


/*Overlay rowset this assumes that you have a custom view

IC_BUDGETS with fields: deptid, fiscal_year, amount_total & ic_month */

&oRowset1 = CreateRowset(Record.IC_BUDGETS);

&oRowset1.Fill(“where deptid = :1 and fiscal_year = :2”,&deptid, &year);


/*Overlay Data set */






CTY: Integration Consulting, Inc.


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