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Monday, September 14, 2009

Difference between Datamover and Import Manager

The difference between Datamover and Import Manager is that Datamover is used to move data between PeopleSoft environments. Import Manager is used to load data from an external source into PeopleSoft. Datamover cannot be used to import data that was not exported with Datamover.

Import Manager works only with flat files. It works best with small tables. Once you go over about 8,000 rows the utility takes much more time than the alternatives. Import manager also attempts to fire all the PeopleCode refined for the PeopleSoft record that you're loading. The load will fail if any of the code brings back an error. To get around this problem, PeopleSoft suggests that you remark out the code causing the problem. After you finish with the load you can then un-remark the code so that the panels work correctly. As you can see it can become a great deal of work to load the data correctly.


So what are the alternatives?

For small tables that are not dependant on a parent child relationship and for data that needs to be scrubbed while loading, Import Manager is a good choice.

For larger tables that require a one time load, the database utility loaders work great. They vary with the database platform. Oracle uses SQL Loader. Sybase and SQL Server have their own. Your DBA can help you there.

Lastly, for the table that needs to be loaded on a regular basis such as loading timesheet data into the pay records for the Payroll Module, writing a program is usually the best solution. SQR works great for this.

Import manager allows you to specify a flat file format, to do some simple data translation, and to make use of the Peoplecode behind the table, to insure data integrity on import. You can default any field in the table you are importing into, if you don't have that field present in your flat file.





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