Thursday, October 6, 2022

22C - Issue with DocuSign OAuth 2.0 Authentication for Contracts

Oracle identified an issue introduced with the 22C feature Use DocuSign OAuth 2.0 Authentication When SigningContracts.

To mitigate the impact, Oracle has reverted the functionality back to 22B and will continue to use Basic Authentication(username/pwd).


If you are a Cohort A or Cohort B customer and are seeing the OAuth2.0 setup fields in the Manage ElectronicSignature page for DocuSign integration and getting an error, do the steps below to revert the functionality back to 22B to use Basic Authentication.

1. Navigate to Setup and Maintenance> Search for "Manage Profile Options" task.
2. Search for the Profile Option Code "OKC_DOCUSIGN_OAUTH_DISABLED"
3. If the Profile Option is not found, then create the profile option with values:
b. Profile Display Name "Disable DocuSign OAuth 2.0 Authentication for Contracts"
c. Application "Enterprise Contracts"
d. Module "Enterprise Contracts"
e. Description: 'Disable OAuth 2.0 authentication when submitting contracts for electronic signing using DocuSign'
f. SQL Validation leave it blank
g. Start date, set the date in past date.
4. Within "OKC_DOCUSIGN_OAUTH_DISABLED: Profile Option Levels", check "Enabled" and "Updatable"
5. Save and exit
6. Search for the task "Manage Administrator Profile Values"
7. Search for Profile Option Code "OKC_DOCUSIGN_OAUTH_DISABLED"
8. In "OKC_DOCUSIGN_OAUTH_DISABLED: Profile Values" add new "Site" with value "Y"
9. Save and close, log out and back in.

Now you can continue to setup the Basic Authentication for DocuSign integration.

If you need to use OAuth2.0 configuration, then there are 2 options:

1. The permanent fix is already available in 22D.
2. Reach out to Oracle Support to provide approval to enroll for any 22C CWB on or after 02-Sep-2022

Section 2:

If you are seeing the Basic Authentication setup screen for DocuSign Integration but would like to useOAuth2.0 Authentication for integration with DocuSign, then:

Please note:
The permanent solution to the issue is available in 22D release or any 22C Cumulative Weekly Bundle (CWB) on or after02-Sep-2022.
As a customer, if you want to use the OAuth2.0 Authentication immediately, please reach out to Oracle Support to provideapproval to enroll for any 22C CWB on or after 02-Sep-2022.
After the CWB is applied, you will have to follow the steps below:

A. Set the Profile Option to N
1. Navigate to Setup and Maintenance > Manage Administrator Profile Options task
2. Search for the Profile Option Code: OKC_DOCUSIGN_OAUTH_DISABLED
3. At the Site level, set the value to : N
4. Save and Close.
5. Log out and Log back in.

B. In the Manage Electronic Signature page
Enter the User ID associated with the user profile in DocuSign that has administrator privileges. This user must be the onewho completes all the steps below to grant consent and validate the integration.
1. Enter the Account ID and Endpoint URL. These are the API Account ID and Account Base URI respectively on yourDocuSign account.
2. Provide the OAuth URL for the DocuSign instance to which you intend to connect when submitting your contractsfor electronic signing. This could either be your development or production instance of DocuSign:
Development Account:
Production Account:
3. Use the Validate action to provide one-time user consent to use DocuSign integration. The user who performs thisstep must be the same user identified by the user ID entered in step 1 in the Manage Electronic Signature page.
4. Click on the Allow Access button to grant consent.
5. You'll see a message confirming the link between Oracle Enterprise Contracts and DocuSign.
6. IMPORTANT - Make sure you hit Validate once again to save the changes.



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